Month: January 2013

Carnival Monday…What to Wear?

So the Mermaid herself is actually pondering what to wear for Carnival Monday…I’m not sure yet if I’m going to go with a feathered skirt and bikini top. Or a tutu and a tube, or perhaps an underbust corset? This might just be a case of too many options, but who knows? I’ve got to […]

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Its puffy…Its so cute!

Some things are just sooo adorable…kittens, puppies and this skirt! (although its waaay more practical, and kinder too to wear the skirt, just saying) The colours are really sweet  and pastel-y as well…light blue, candy pink, white and white and pink combos are all available. You could indulge your inner pixie, elf, Alice or whatever […]

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Mondays are for Rainbows :)

Brighten Carnival Monday with a beautiful rainbow tutu. Wear this blue or pink side up to vary the look. Would be great with a bikini top or bottom or even a tank or tube top…. also a great idea for a Boat Ride, Pool Party or Rave.

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